Coach and teach in the following disciplines:
  • Voice
  • Acting
  • Dialects
  • Audition Preparation

Particularly noted for six things:
  • An almost encyclopedic knowledge of repertoire and styles
  • A high level of detail attentiveness [“below par” work never slides by uncorrected]
  • Teaching singers how to negotiate difficult passages
  • Helping artists improve their diction [without understandable text, what’s the point?]
  • Getting “non-theatrical” singers to act a song, and “non-musical” actors to sing a song
  • Guiding artists to develop a genuine flair for what they do

Anyone with talent can walk onto a stage and bellow a song, or “chew the scenery” with a dramatic monologue —
but what makes someone truly
effective and memorable is when they temper the full-throttle aspects with some
subtlety/nuance and multi-layering.