With all the terrorism and other crap going on in the world, laughter is absolutely
essential to our sanity.  We must always remember that it's OK to laugh at ourselves.  
And at others.  I was blessed with a strong sense of humor  [useful when one works in
comedic theatre], and friends & colleagues know that I'll laugh at just about anything.

Below are some links to stuff on the Internet that make me chortle, ranging from
wacky stupidity to Pulitzer-worthy parody and satire.  This page will be updated
regularly, so please check back often.

To quote every snotty waiter/actor in New York
:   "Enjoy!"
The Onion    A very funny parody newspaper.  Warning:  Strong language at times.  Published weekly;
sign up for a free subscription

Betty Bowers:  America's Best Christian    Do NOT explore this site while drinking liquid, lest you
spray it out your nose
.  I highly recommend signing up for her newsletters, because when something
particularly appalling happens in politics or entertainment, she gets a newsletter out in a matter of hours,
and the writing has absolutely brilliant comedic timing
.  Warning:  Strong language at times.

Stupid.com is a good way to waste an hour or two of your life.  Tons of stuff to explore; some of it is
inane, but there's some stuff that has high kitsch value and/or very funny descriptions

If you like the television show Jeopardy yet occasionally find host Alex Trebek to be an insufferably
pompous and condescending windbag, you'll get a giggle out of
this website "devoted" to him.

How NOT To Get An Audition    This message was reportedly left on an answering machine at the
Papermill Playhouse in New Jersey
.  Give it a listen; it's quite funny, but in a kinda frightening way.  
Poor Patty just wanted to get an audition
-- for the LEAD, one easily presumes.

And now for a tender rendition of Lehar's  "Dein ist mein ganzes Herz"  sung by a tenor who likely
needed a hernia operation soon thereafter

If you like classic film musicals, these hilarious recaps of each film's plot will make you chortle.

Diction is very important, whether you're singing  theatre music,  pop/rock,  or  in a choir.
[The first link repeats Miss Uggams' performance three times -- the second one is the gold mine, as
there are subtitles of exactly what, um, words she's singing

Besides good diction, you might want to learn the actual words too.  Just ask the great John Daker!

One of the few times I’ve found something truly hilarious in The New Yorker.  Here's a fun piece about
Halloween and the Day of the Dead.

Lucy and Desi in a scene from "The Long, Long Trailer"
-- with a new soundtrack.  Both voices are done
by the same guy!

What’s for breakfast?  Let's ask
Judy Garland.

And now, a word from your stewardess, Miss Audrey Hepburn.

Oh, surely anyone could have been better as Mary Poppins than Julie Andrews!

Hilarious skewering of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.”  Hey, girl!

Searching for the perfect audition monologue?  Here's a fine dramatic moment about cinnamon, curdled
thoughts, and radiators
.  Guaranteed to make an impression!
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