" . . . his rendition of [the character's] first act soliloquy . . . was delivered with such
aplomb it elicited applause."
--  San Diego Union

"Nice moments are also contributed by Joseph Grienenberger in the one part that really
does call for overacting--the pretentious, controlling and very funny Headwaiter who is
tyrannical about maintaining "A Romantic Atmosphere," the subject of his signature
--  Nancy Churnin, Los Angeles Times

" . . . terrifically spirited..."
--  San Diego Union-Tribune

" . . . can probably not be bettered . . . a gleeful and ebullient performance."
--  San Diego Gay & Lesbian Times

"The ones who are most theatrically effective tend to be those, like Grienenberger . . .
who concentrate least on 'pretty music-making'."
--  La Jolla Light

"And [he] not only makes music, he makes good use of Gilbert's words."
--  San Diego Union

"Joseph Grienenberger, with bowler hat and his big Harold Lloyd spectacles, clearly
has Ko-Ko (The Lord High Executioner) firmly under his comedic belt . . . a polished
--  David Gregson, SanDiego.com

"And as Ko-Ko, Yum-Yum's jealous guardian who wants to marry her, Joseph
Grienenberger was an endearing fussy-duddy."
--  Valerie Scher, San Diego Union-Tribune

"[Baron Zeta is] in excellent hands as played by Grienenberger."
--  Charlene Baldridge, SDNews.com

"Joseph Grienenberger is in fine vocal form, highly amusing as the bombastic
ambassador, Baron Zeta."
--  Pat Launer, San Diego Theatre Scene

" . . . Joseph Grienenberger scores in the comedy department . . . he gets all the funny
lines, and delivers them delectably, corny though they may be . . . "
--  San Diego Tribune

" . . . baritone Joseph Grienenberger sang the role of the comic journalist with
full-voiced panache.  His sense of timing was unbeatable, and his spunky 'One Good
Boy Gone Wrong' captured everything that was enjoyable in the humor."
--  Kenneth Herman, Los Angeles Times

"The buffoonish Baron Mirko Zeta [was] played with disciplined comic flair by Joseph
--  Michael L. Greenwald, San Diego Union-Tribune

" . . . plays the role effortlessly and majestically, with a mischievous look in his eye . . . "
--  Uptown Magazine  [San Diego]

"As Sir Joseph Porter, Joseph Grienenberger gave the evening's most winning
performance.  His rich bass-baritone generously encompassed both lyrical and patter
songs, and his every inflection captured Sir Joseph's idealogical duplicity."
--  Kenneth Herman, Los Angeles Times


"Even more impressive is the 24-member 'Candide' chorus, as adroit in intoning
beautifully shaped Jesuit 'Alleluias' as communicating the raucous street rabble's 'What
a Day for an Audo-da-fe' snide satire.  The several unaccompanied chorales, especially
those at the opening and the close of the work, achieve a depth and poignancy that too
frequently elude opera choruses.  Kudos to Joseph Grienenberger for his astute
musical preparation."
--  Kenneth Herman, SanDiego.com

"Music director Joseph Grienenberger . . . accomplished the small miracle of forging a
mostly consistent vocal style from singers who came from the contrasting worlds of
opera and musical theatre.
--  Marcus Overton, San Diego Union-Tribune

"Credit vocal director Joseph Grienenberger with the quality of the choral singing, and
also with the confidence that several solo performers . . . bring to the [music] . . . "
--  San Diego Union-Tribune

" . . . does a masterful job of playing the score."
--  San Diego Magazine

"Musical director Joseph Grienenberger provides smooth accompaniment on piano."
--  North County Times  [San Diego]


"He gets his actors to create quiet and utterly real moments.  The third act opening is
stunningly theatrical."
--  San Diego Union-Tribune

"Though billed as a 'staged concert,' there are enough design and staging elements to
be considered a full production."
--  San Diego Union-Tribune


"No doubt that Joseph Grienenberger's Get a Clue! is funny.  There are enough laugh
lines for two plays, with humor running the gamut of styles from slapstick to satire. The
arts, especially theater, are hit with a zillion one-liners."
--  Robert Hitchcox, TotalTheatre.com


"Assistant director Joseph Grienenberger is responsible for much of the diversified
sound track.  The flying-saucer-sequence sound track is awesome.  No, I'm not gonna
describe this scene; you'll love it."
--  Robert Hitchcox, TotalTheatre.com
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