Working in so many capacities . . .
  • onstage performance [actor, singer]
  • offstage production work [director, conductor]
  • creative [writer, orchestrator]
. . . a single résumé would be limited and downright confusing.

The solution is simple:  Different résumés for different specializations  
––  and one huge
curriculum vitae
that catalogues everything.  Simple as pie!

Please feel free to peruse the various résumés linked below  
––  they're final proof to corroborate
the oft-heard plaint
. . .

                    " I  can't  ––  I  have   r e h e a r s a l ! "

Note:  Clicking on a résumé below will open it in a new window.
A very brief snapshot of stage work, this résumé is used only at
Music Production:
Classical Music:
A brief overview of my classical vocal and choral work, including solo
concertizing, liturgical choirs, and skills as a classical artist.  Also touches
on how I work with singers in a vocal direction capacity.
Music direction, vocal direction, conducting, piano work,
arrangements, orchestrations, etc. etc. etc.
Press Reviews
Artistic Vision
Fun Stuff
Music Services
Donations for
Website Hosting
Are Always
C.V. -- highlights:
A shortened version of the full curriculum vitae below.  It includes
all capacities, but mostly just counts
numbers of projects in each
discipline instead of itemizing them.
C.V. -- full:
The whole enchilada.  Every project ever done, except for weddings,
memorials, and Christmas caroling; concert work is abridged.
Non-Arts Résumé:
Throughout much of my arts career, I've also worked "day jobs" in
administrative support.  I love working in the arts, but it sometimes
doesn't quite pay the bills.  Frankly, I enjoy maintaining two careers --
it provides balance!  Please
click here for a little background info, my
administrative support résumé, and even a letter of recommendation.